Offline Gmail - New Feature on Gmail

Google has launched Offline Gmail that enables Gmail users to read and compose messages even if they do not have an active internet connection. The messages sent while offline would be placed in the Outbox and automatically sent the next time you connect to internet. This is a feature under Google labs and is still in beta.

This is same as using Gmail on mobile. Once you have downloaded Gmail on your mobile phone, you can read and compose msges in your mobile phone without the internet connection. Its like the Outlook of your PC. It stores the received or already downloaded messages in your system - PC, Mobile whatever. Though the drafts saved on mobile are not available when you log in via your PC. Its only available in your mobile. :(

To use offline Gmail feature, one needs to click Settings and click the Labs tab; then select Enable next to Offline Gmail and finally click Save Changes. After the browser reloads, a new ‘Offline0.1’ link would be visible in the upper right hand corner of the Gmail page. On clicking this link the offline set up process will get started. This will download all the mails till date in your Gmail inbox (including sent and trash). Then when you click on Gmail icon on your desktop, your Gmail inbox will open in your PC. However this requires Google Gears on your system which it will detect automatically and ask you to install.

All said and done, Gmail is introducing great features, specially in labs. The recently launched themes are a big hit. There was a time when personal Email Id meant hotmail or Yahoo ID but now its Gmail! "Can I have your Gmail Id please...?" is the question I get to hear when my outlook cant receive a file more than 4 MB. So if you don’t have a Gmail ID dont remain alien to the world of emailing and more, go get one!



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