My Prince with the Diamond Ring

There was a dream I always fantasized, 
since I was a little girl, 
the stories of which I saw n heard, 
about the princess, prince and their whirl..

That one day some prince charming would, 
come n sit on his knees, 
then take out that big diamond ring, 
and ask me - "Will you marry me, please"?

So as I grew, the dream in me,
got stronger and stronger,
and day by day it grew and grew,
with my wait becoming longer..

Then one day my prince charming came, 
in all his pride and glory, 
he was the son of a great king, 
who, as yet, was not a part of my story. 

Me n my prince shared lots of smiles,
and tears together,
and he said, he will love me,
forever and ever.. 

We hugged, we kissed, we looked at each other,
and days and night would pass, 
we would lie and stare at the stars all high,
in the misty nights on the dew wet grass..

I told him about my dream one day,
and my fascination about the diamond ring, 
he said he would buy me many,
but not as my fantasized way.

I cried and asked why such harsh words,
you say oh prince my? 
he said, the king, looks upto him,
with his hopes high.
King wants me to marry only a princess,
one who is tall and fair, 
someone who would make him proud,
and is beautiful with long hair..

I think I was too simple,
to understand the king demands, 
'cause I always thought I was a princess in my own world,
and would never surrender to any commands.

My prince tried to tell the king,
how I was the one he loved for life,
in happiness or sadness
he wanted me to be his wife,

but the king had different dreams,
for his son's future wife,
and asked the prince to make a choice,
between her or his father's life!

He said, "Oh Son, please understand my position,
I have many many social obligations,
I cannot let your love hamper,
those age old perceptions..."

Poor prince, what could he do,
he bowed down in front of the highness, 
he came and held my hand tight,
with eyes losing their brightness..

I read the words in his eyes,
and hugged him tight to save the white lies,
we kissed good bye and promised to never see each other again, 
and parted our ways to 'move on' but in vain.. 

With broken heart, I stand alone looking at the fort oh so high,
with tears in eyes on lonely nights with past full of sigh,
I don't want the diamond, no nor do I want the ring,
I only wish, oh mighty lord, he my prince was not the son of a king...



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :)

  2. Wow... Just wow.
    Its ":-|" and ":-)" kind of prose...

    :-| for the sentimental feelings (true as they are)
    :-) for writing so beautifully :)

    1. ":)" For so many nice nice words :)

  3. as innocent as a fairy tale yet plain reality...
    beautifully expressed..only genuine and deep feelings can take such shape..

  4. First time on your blog...Beautifully expressed! The sentiment comes across clearly. Nice poem :)

  5. loved it... simple poem. but expressed it very beautifully...

  6. Replies
    1. It is inspired from life. My life or someone else's does not matter :)

  7. A very beautifully written poem!

  8. Solomon from Twitter: Very well mentioned and drafted

    1. At the present time rings become a fashion statement but it mainly used for decoration as an ornament of sorts. I think it's a symbol of commitment, a bond, a promise.

  9. Very interesting Poem.Great work you have done.

  10. Diamond rings are most liked by people at the time as they are so sparkling and shiny. Diamond rings are always shows good time and good source of cosmic energy, I love to wear diamond as they are fashionable too at this time.

  11. Really nice... Simple & sweet!


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