Bas samay ab yahin pe tham jaaye to...

Bas samay ab yahin pe tham jaaye to,
zindagi bas yahin pe ruk jaye to,
kuch gham nahi hoga, na kisi se koi shikayat hogi,
aane wale kal se jo dil darta hai, usse bhi kuch rihayat hogi..

Aage badhne ka hausla nahi hai dil mein,
peeche mudne ka rasta bhi kho chala hai,
yaadon ke daman se khud ko chhudana hai,
is baat ka ehsaas mujhe ab ho chala hai...

Jo kal mein reh gaya hai kuch hissa mera,
wo bas dil se choot jaye to,
Bas samay ab yahin pe tham jaaye to,
zindagi bas yahin pe ruk jaye to..



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Sir. Ye lijiye tissue paper :)

  2. Just what I needed Birdie! You have a HUGE HUG and Bigger Kissy pending for sharing this! :)

    1. I would be happiest with a pack of Maggi :)


  3. Well written! But u have to be more optimistic!Life is not that bad! U're a young and chirpie birdie! So don't be sad about life! Connect with me by joining my blog!:)

    1. Yes sir, I am optimistic. It's just a poem. This may not necessarily reflect my mind :)

  4. Kuchh adhuri khwahishon ka silsila hai zindagi,
    Manzilon se ek musalsal fasala hai zindagi !
    Mere darwaze pe dastak de ke chhup Jane ka khel,
    Kab talak khelegi eh kya bachpana hai zindagi !
    Tere afsane to mai sunta raha Hun baraha,
    Naam kya tune kabhi mera suna hai zindagi !
    Zinda Hun doston ki duaaon ke bawajud,
    Roshan hai kitani tej hawaon is zindagi !
    Apani tamam shokh adaaon ke bawajud,
    Bahla saki na jee mera eek pal bhi zindagi !
    Bojhil hai rat chand sitaron ke bawajud,
    Suraj ke bawajud andhera hai zindagi !
    Barbaad hamko hona tha barbad ham huye,
    Duniya hai sari nek salahon is zindagi !
    Kaatil the jitane mere sabhi ho gaye bari,
    Aur chup khadi thi chasmdeed gawahon si zindagi !

  5. Chidiya Rani . . badi sayaani. .

  6. You write so well !! Nice :)

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  7. Don't push me anymore, Don't hurt me anymore....
    I am no longer a toy of yours, don't play with me, Please, No more....

    It is painful, and it always will be...
    The damn stories of yours, I'm sick of them, A reason, I can't see...

    I don't show it, I never evinced you my disappointment...
    But what remains is a broken heart, and a mind so faint...

    The time with you, An epic lie, however, was my great love feat...
    Now All I regret is being me, 'A Life' Unfinished, 'A Poem' Incomplete...

    1. Wow! This is amazing! You write so well. I had no idea. Apne blog pe update kiya hai? Zaroor karna.

      Thank you for sharing such wonderful words on my blog.

      Keep reading!


    2. Naaah abhi nahi kiya ab karuga....

  8. very well written chidiya :)

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  10. "Jo kal mein reh gaya hai kuch hissa mera,
    wo bas dil se choot jaye to,
    Bas samay ab yahin pe tham jaaye to,
    zindagi bas yahin pe ruk jaye to.."

    So nice..ultimate...:-)

  11. After following u since such a long time (oops twitter i meant :P) i think i m the laziest bug who read ur blog sooooo late :( .. Bt woh kehte hain na .. Der aaye par durust aaye :) .. Wonderful blog written by a wonderful person :) Kudos :)

  12. Nice poem, I know you are scared of time because you don't want to get married :D

    1. It may have different meanings for different people :)

  13. Awesome... LOved the emotions behind this.


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