Devrishi's Audition - Must watch for all human beings


I keep receiving these mails from MTV Rodies. So I thought ill as well visit their site. Found it interesting. The games are good. Try them here. But the best(est) part about the site is Devarishi's audition. You have to watch it.  Its magical. Trust me whenever im in bad mood, I click on this link and watch his audition. It actually makes me feel better. "Common Ms. S! Your problem is nothing as compared to Devershi! He is like the biggets problem on earth - Live!!"

Cant belive it? Watch it here! Look for the video entiled - "Devershi in the house."


Warning: Its your personal choice to watch this video, Ms S takes no gurantee or blame, whatsoever, for the loss of breath, heart attacks, nervous Breakdown or any other harm after watching it.



  1. His elimination was pretty hilarious.... i would seriously miss his stupidness on the show.

  2. I know! This guy is not from this world. he is an alien on earth.. trust me. What attitude ya! And for what? Did you see how he said girls are jealous of him cauz he like Bobby not others! Gosh!! That was like.. maddening!Ha ha ha ha! But seriously Ill also miss his faltu ka confidence on the show. He was an entertaining joker. Hope thye call him back later sometime.


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