Aish Karo!

It's Diwali! You have no idea how lucky you are to be here right now cauz I'm going to give you a VERY VALUABLE gift that you can use for all the post Diwali festival shopping. Have a blast!

Jao aish karo yaar! :)

Right click to download and take prints and then..... Shopping!!!!! Hee hee!



  1. Hi

    I am writing this comment from Central Jail (on special request to jailer).I printed your Gift and went for Shopping... Mistake i did is I saw a Panipoori wala and went there first instead of showroom and gave this voucher.... there was a cop who was eating next to me and saw that...:( :(

    Hope I will get out soon... they says life term is of only 86 years :D :D :D .... see you soon then.


  2. Hi Subhash!

    I'm writing from my glass room, with marble flooring, 52 inch home theater, and a soft leather couch in my new Bungalow at GK, Delhi. I bought it on Diwali. I bought all of this from the same Voucher that I posted here. Tch! Tch! sad to hear about you. Its just about being smart you know!

    Anyway hope your stay in the Jail is comfortable and short. Koi ni 86 years to chutki bajate saath khatam ho jaenge. Tension na lo. Jab bahar aao to mujhe zaroor batana, Ill come to pick you in my Bugatti Veyron. :)

    Oops! I gtg my new new Samoyed doggy is trying to play with me.. :



  3. Arrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That was cruel !!!! and smelled Stinking Rich Lolz.... anyways I managed to settle the things with Court Judge, The Jailor and the local Police... I said I know someone who distributed those Gifts :D so they might contact you !!!

    With my Life's Saving and some loan from all my near and dear ones I bribed them (thanks to our Law and glitches which are so amendable for Money)....Now I am out :) :) ha ha ha

    Hope to see you soon in your Bunglow :P :P
    huh !!!!!


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