OK so the 'Swine flu monster’ is scaring the hell out of everybody. You are asked to use masks, sanitize your hands with that ugly smelling sanitizing gel before entering the office and visit a doctor even if you sneeze. In such scenario, what happens to people who suffer from Synus? Unfortunately I’m one of those and every time I sneeze I can see people around me moving a little away and looking at me as if im a culprit! I have a tendency to sneeze continuously for several reasons some of which even I’m not aware of. Sometimes Ill start sneezing if I feel cold, sometimes when I feel hot, sometimes when I get a shock, sometimes when my sleep is disturbed, sometimes when there is too much dust, sometimes when there is too much sun.. and god knows when when!

The other day I and my cousin went to drop my aunt to the Railway Station. We went to her seat, settled her stuff and then sat down to have those good bye words, “Go safely, don’t eat anything from outsiders, don’t sleep before you reach the station and blah blah…” when suddenly, and I don’t know for which of the above mentioned reasons, came a voice “Aaaachu! Aaachu! Achhhu!” this was just the beginning... people had already started staring at me as if I was some terrorist planting bombs of virus everywhere around me! Uff! “Beta, I think you should go home now…” said my Aunt, feeling awkward by the looks everybody gave me and then her. By now I had sneezed at least 9 times in a row. Usually I carry a handkerchief but that was one day when just forgot it. I had to pick my hanky from the bed where I had kept it in the morning, but by the time we were laving we got so late that I forgot it there in haste. Oh I wished I had a hanky then. It wasn’t that I have a flowing nose when I sneeze but it just looks better if you cover your mouth while you sneeze with a hanky. Sophisticated and all! Anyway my hands were my temporary hanky right now.

Anyway people were killing me with their stares. It was one of those moments when you so strongly wish that the earth would open and swallow you inside!! That was also a moment when I decided that I would write this post about the difference between Swine Flu and Cold or Synus. So here it is. Have a look and remember this before staring at somebody who sneezes. :)



  1. Cynus?? what is that, do you mean sinus???

  2. Ok lemme tell you what happened last week. My aunt came from Gokul-Mathura-Delhi trip and got 'prashad' (read Mathura ke penhday). Dad asked me to get it from her place asap. I went in the bus, almost everyone around me were wearing either a mask or a handkercheif tied to their nostrils... The guy sitting next to me, had tied the biggest handky in the bus and for ever millimeter the handky loosened and went down, he would pull 3 millimeters up.
    For some strange reason, I sneezed...just 'once'. At the exact next stop the man got down. Now, I don't know if he got down coz his stop came or coz he got scared of me...but nonetheless he was off in a flash and I got the window seat... :D

    I reached my aunt's place and told her this story, she lmao-ed. Then she told me about some uncle...who was traveling by the 'infamous' (horrifyingly crowded) Mumbai local trains . There was a man in the train, who had blood red eyes, looked completely sick and was constantly coughing. After a few mins, the crowd got scared and agitated and threw him out of the train (as in, forced him to get out at the next station).

    NOW BEAT THAT......

  3. getting paranoid is easily given to us humans, especially with the wrong things and not with the right things...half my division in engg almost drowned because they didn't give enough respect to the seas and the concept of tides...

    neways ppl will b ppl

    btw jst for my knowledge i used to think till now sinus is sinus...u've used too lazy to google and neways this makes for conversation :P

  4. Vipul and Sanely Insane, Thanks for correcting me - It indeed is synus. I googled it! Duly Corrected.

    Phoenix - Thats terrible. People panic just merely by the thought of something scary. Ask me! If they could kill me with their looks, they would have. Or at least throw me out of that AC window (unbreakable though). Thankfully nothing happened. Bua ji sent us out.

    Thank you for your comments! :)

    Keep Reading!

  5. Ha ha...Shikha very uncomfortable situation :-) I can understand, as I am having some out of town trip next week, my mom is giving me scary lessons to fight against swine flu!

    By the way, I was really very proud with myself for my record braking Sneezing habits, but I think you are champion!

    Anyway really awareness should be spread to stop people being panicked. good post Shikha.

  6. haha i know how it feels like when you go achu achu these days and you see people look at you as if you are the suspect :D


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