Want your spouse to look like a celeb? Try the New BM Search


BharatMatrimony (BM) has launched a new service as Facial Search. People seeking marriage can zero-in on life partners resembling celebrities who torment them in their sleep - with the help of this new facial search technology.

The face recognition technology works on the dimensions of a celebrity’s face, measures distances between the various features and matches these with photos on the matrimony portal.

Well, the technology sounds good. I thought why not check? I searched for look alikes of Hrithink Roshan and the results I found were... well see for yourself. The screen shot.

I think the one missing missing would look the closest. Well if these are the versions of my Hrithink Roshan's I would prefer not marrying at all. Well the peoploe are not bad or ugly but the comparison with Hrithik makes the situation little funny..

Chalo, atleast these people would be happy that they have been compared to Hrithik. Good for them. ;)



  1. srsly ... hritik, and there's a bald guy too ... probably they confused it with papa roshan ...


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