Girl Drivers - Just for Fun!

This is just for fun. No offence. Im a super girl driver myself. :)
This video is not true at all for Indian Females. These are all blonds ok! We Indian girls are super drivers! :)

Have fun!

Cheers! :)


  1. The video leaves me speechless, being from New Dilli of India, I've seen and more and more of this everyday

    I still wonder, why do women drive with both hands

  2. Women drive with both hands cauz their feet are managing the break, clutch and accelerator of the car. :)

  3. What about the gear shaft ? who'd change that ???

  4. You are supposed to drive with both hands! Gears are meant to be used when required. Thats why the steering is round and not a semicircle!
    BTW I drive with one hand cauz my other hand is busy dressing the curls in my head... Girls should look beautiful while driving! hee hee!


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