Im back with some more fun

Hi! Long time that I have blogged. I was bitten by some mosquito who gave me Typhoid. Was on bed rest from past three weeks! Urrg! It was tiresome! Anyway That's the reason I couldn't even visit my blog lately.. Dont really have much to write so putting up few pictures to see and laugh at..

This ones for both Guys and Girls. .. have a look!

This one is really sad. People still think girls cannot drive well. Sad ya! They should come with me for a long drive. Ill tell them how good females can drive and Park...

This one is a Cliché though.. and very stereotypical. But I wont say its like 100% arong.. hee hee!

Ha ha ha! huh!



  1. Very true..I never felt sad walking miles just have tea near the 'Shanti' girl's hostel


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