The World is Beautiful

Last year, when I wrote a mail to my sister, who is a regular traveler, congratulating her on her latest travel. She replied and shared a beautiful little story with me that she experienced in her trip to Shillong and I think everyone should read it.

This got me thinking. People often ask me 'Why do you trust people so easily? The world is full of bad people. They will harm you. Don't be so stupid.'
We grow with negative thoughts in our head. If someone is asking for a lift, there must be a knife hidden in his pocket. If someone is lying on the roadside, there must be his partner hidden somewhere with a gun. If someone asks for money on a signal, he must be a drunkard who's pretending to be a beggar.
Have you ever stopped to give a lift to someone, help someone who has met with an accident or given a 100 bill to a beggar on street? I have done all three & I don't regret it.
The man asking for lift turned out to be a respected policemen who gave me his card & asked me to call him whenever I needed help in his area. The boy I stopped to help from my way back to work, was actually an oversized kid, whose parents blessed me from their heart for saving life of their child. And the beggar who was asking for money was an old man who had much more value of those 100 bucks, than I did, even if he went ahead and bought some alcohol from it. It made him happy!
The world doesn't need cynicism, it needs more faith. The negativity around is killing the humanity inside all of us. The world needs to trust more... love more... because love inspires love. It is the biggest power that transforms people and eventually the world.
The world is not so bad after all. It is what we make of it. Every drop counts. Thank you Shraddha - my sister, for making me realize that my beliefs are not stupid and that the future is full of hope.


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