Love less Valentine's

Till last year they would wish each other at mid-night,
Talk mushy stuff and kiss each other good night,
Next day she would put on her special white & pink upper,
they would go to work,
she would keep sending him kisses and hearts all day on phone till supper,
He would reply with a smiley & say I love you,
and she would say, 'I love you too Gugu'
Then plan the evening at Khan Market, he would bring her, her favourite lilies,
And order their special pizza and pasta, and look at each others eyes like sillies,
Then they would hug and say bye,
Go to their homes & felt like they can fly.
They would talk all night till they fell asleep with a song,
Only to dream about each other, all night long...
But this year, it was different,
They didn't wish each other at midnight,
They didn't kiss each other good night,
She didn't wear her white & pink sweater,
She avoided seeing couples on her way to work,  It disturbed her.
She didn't listen to love songs on her way, they upset her.
She had a silent smile on her face,
The world seemed a little too big to her today,
and she was a little more lost today,
She reached office & worked.
Then he called & wished her,
But it wasn't the same, it was a hesitant wish..
A fight between his heart & his mind..
A tussle between morality & love... 
They spoke for half hour on things this & things that.. 
And just before they hang up, she said 'I love you' 
It was awkward for him because he couldn't say that back to her,
even if he wanted to.
But he did reply, 'Love you & take care'
'Ah!' She felt, hearing those words after what felt like ages.
Now it's mid night of the next night,
the day is over. 
No lilies from him for her,
Yes may be for his wife.. 
It's night, she imagines him making love to his wife,
it's a day of love.
It hurts. 
It pinches.
She burns within.
It was a valentine less valentine's for her,
Not a love-less valentine's,
yet a love-less valentine's.


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