A hug

Going through some tough times, 
I was walking alone on the road today,
not even my shadow with me,
it was a gloomy day,
thinking of how life takes turns,
lost in my thoughts, in just another day
I saw this boy at a shop,
his back towards me,
his hair just like yours,
his body shaped like thee,
my heart skipped a beat as I waited for him to turn,
'How will I react, if its him? Oh can I just hug him and burn!'
he turned and my hopes shattered as it wasn't you,
but anxiety took over me as my craving for the hug grew,
In that one moment of waiting I had lived a long life,
of dreams, of hugs, of love, of warmth
and had forgotten about your wife,
but with his turn, reality came back to me and my bubble popped,
and I was left there all alone, with the peace of mind all robbed,
the craving for a hug so tight, that makes me forget my miseries, 
just you and me and nothing else, all becomes a history,
but what do I do with such a desire, that can never turn true,
the moments with you are all gone, the moments which were few,
and I started my walk again,
a walk towards nowhere,
taking steps ahead of past,
still stuck so much there.


  1. यादों के सहारे एक इत्माम की ओर सफरयाफ्ता,
    सूखे रेत के मानिंद कहीं सरकती रही उम्र, रफ्ता-रफ्ता,
    दश्त-ए-रुखसार पे यूँही बहती रही अश्कों की लकीर,
    ज़ेहन में आंकी हुई तेरी तस्वीर लाती रही मुस्कराहट, बे-साख्ता

    Very nicely put to words, those feelings of Missing and yet resisting and yet surrendering. Loved the posts. All of them.

    Looking for more to feed my soul...

    Shubrat Mukherji

    1. Thank you for such a wonderful comment.

      Keep reading!


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