Self Created Wallpapers

Hey everybody!

I had NOTHING to do at all today, so created few wallpapers that I'm going to use. Aakhir apna kaam kise achcha nahi lagta :P

You may like these too, I have open files for these, in case you Really really like any but it doesnt fir in your screen, lemme know, Ill send you personalized with your name and my autograph! :P

The Haunted Pawns

Silly Flowers

Vicious Circles



  1. Me wants a personalized wallpaper (aapka autograph free mein milega?). Send karenge Please?

  2. Sure! Pliss to send your screen resolution along with whatever you want in the wallpaper. Ill send it to you with my autograph :)

  3. Screen resolution me set kar leta. Things you need to include in the wallpaper - mera naam in the silly flowers and vicious circles. Bas. Make n send it whenever you get free time. Thanks.. :)

  4. Hope you liked the wallpapers... :)

    Keep reading,

  5. oye! very colorful and mood uplifting themes!!!
    strange that me too m into making wallpapers these days. but they are boring and wordy like me :D
    check this:

    lots of love birdie! :)

  6. I really loved these wallpapers and your creativity ..... Need more of them and believe me they really are added into my collection of wallpapers....



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