Let go...

This one is for you Gugu.There goes the last ray of my hope,
it just got all the more tough to cope.
I tried to work it out but all in vain,
my pillows got wet and heart cried with pain.

He looks at me with closed eyes,
and listens to me with deaf ears.
my heart tells me to cry but he tells me,
that its time to face my fears.

I see my love dying slowly in front of my eyes,
oh it pains hard, like lightning from the thundering skies.
someone please pinch me, wake me up from this dream of lies,
and take me out from the scary nights where only hopelessness flies.

I dont want to go away, I dont want to let it go,
I dont want to leave this boat and together want to row.
I dont want to the face the night alone and go apart,
I want to hold your hand and never want to part.

Oh wont you listen to me, who said I'll love u till my breath last,
where are the promises you made in the days past?
I dont expect you to be the Romeo or a tiger tearer,
but be my friend, my healer, at least be my pain sharer.

Alas, you cant stand for me, and you will move on,
I'll be left alone only to shed tears and mourn.
I have to live and smile and live this long life full of hate,
with the pain in the corner of my heart that'll say 'what if he was my soul mate'



  1. If you'd never met him, you wouldn't like him. If you didn't like him, you wouldn't love him.
    If you didn't love him, you wouldn't miss him.

    This feeling often hurts, but aise bhi socho k u were destined for the same...because you are the only special one who worth it.

    People say that the hardest part of loving someone is knowing when to let go, and knowing when to say goodbye. Forget the times he walked by, forget the times you cried. But don't forget the times he spoke your name...don't forget the times he held your hand...!!

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    I agree that life is hard when you have to let go off things and people you value most. But it becomes harder when you see that person being the person you never wanted him to be. A stranger. It kills you from within. Its just tough to not get what you want so so badly. I have not had this feeling in ages. I have somehow managed to get what I wanted cauz I believed where there is a will there is way but this time even will isn't helping. They say its just a matter of time, I say each new moment of my life is a war against my own self. I'm fighting to live. Im fighting to go away from love..

    There is lot more I want to write here but can't.. Thanks anyway for your comment. Its nice to see people care..

    Keep Reading,

  3. Dear
    I wish God give all the power to face trouble but he is not really worth for whom you care so much and think and spend time so much. Get used to your regular life and think about your favorite pastimes and goals and follow them. I know it is really difficult but there are many others for whom you need to go.

    Nice poem!!

  4. Dear Indu,

    Thank you for your kind words. Truly appreciated.

    Escapism is the best excuse we give to ourselves when trouble approaches. But we don't realize that the time is flowing and we will have to face the wrath of time from which we escaped earlier. And that's the time when it becomes most difficult.

    My time has come, I have no option but to face my nightmares now. I have to face the thing from which I was escaping from such long time. But yes life does not stop here. I have to let go and move on. Like you said, for many others..

    I am moving on, I have no option anyway. Par kya karein, life is like that.

    Keep reading,

  5. For a long time it had seemed that life was about to begin--real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. Then life would begin.

    So just let it go.......


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