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Yahoo Answers is a funny place. I was just going through some questions when I came across this one. The answers, written very sincerely by the helpers, are all the more funny. Read on!


How do I get a boyfriend in middle school when everyone thinks im fat and ugly?

Everyone in my school thinks i am fat and ugly and i like these guys that are one and two grades ahead of me and one is my friend ( the two year guy) and one is, well, not my friend he thinks im a stalker...i liked him for a while. please help!

by Jose

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First of all, if you are only five pounds or even ten pounds overweight you shouldn't even be reading this article! You are not fat or anything, you just feel self-conscious.

For people who do feel that they are fat (hate to use that word), here are some tips to get the guy.
Wear clothes that match and look stylish. Wearing a plain t-shirt and some jeans make your fat stand out. Trust me. Instead, wear a comfortable fitting shirt with great designs on it with a low neckline and bright colors. Baggy jeans with a hole or two always looks hot and you can fab it up a bit with a stylish belt and sparkly necklace. The point is to pick clothes that make your fashion and style stand out, not your fat.
Make your hair look amazing by giving it a new hair style or color. Even just neatly brushed hair is great looking. Never tie your hair back, it makes you look even more overweight. Have it hang down and bounce on your shoulders.

Walk with style and grace. Don't pound around and drag your feet all day. This just makes you look like a drab.
SMILE! People will be looking at your face and not your body.
Exercise wouldn't hurt at all. Do some exercises at least for 20 minutes every day and make sure you eat right. You may be overweight, but that doesn't mean you can't be healthy!
Be nice to people and respect them. Make some friends (the right kind) and just be yourself. Glamour isn't the answer to everything
Don't wear clothes where your stomach is squeezed and comes out (AKA Extreme Muffin Top). Instead, wear slightly looser clothes and layer them.
Getting right down to it...6 out of every ten guys like a girl because of her personality and style. If your overweight, why should it matter? Just be happy and flirty and the guys won't be thinking about how fat you are...just how nice and cute you are![citation needed]

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by Gabby bbyx!

You are who you are. People are assholes, lets face it. You shouldn't have to glamourous yourself to an extent just so you can "fit in" if you are "fat" and "ugly" then oh well. Its not like you cant change that so you can. Go after someone who's worth something. obv hes not worth it...

by Rhiannon

hey, i think im overweight too,
and i like boys
but im too fat
so im thinking of going on a diet
but its really hard because i have no self control when i eat
but really i think im gonna wait for a guy who likes me for me
not my size
good luck in the future x

by finaltur…

when i was in middle sckool i was super fat and thought i wasnt fat but i was, and lost weight in a month when i realized it cause no guys would ask me i met with a nutritionist and she gave me a way to lose major weight in a month. all grain all day with 2 gallons of water and walking

by Madison M

you know whats weird? I have the same problem. My crush thinks Im a stalker. Im overweight. I REALLY want a boyfriend.
Im trying to lose weight. I stretch every morning, exercise a little, eat less, I even belly dance a little:P
My sides are trimming down, and Im seeing some results!!

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by Tracy Turnblad

Hey sweetie. Let me just tell you something: it gets better. I went through an awkward stage just like you sound like you're going through in middle school. I lost about thirty pounds in the eighth grade, and suddenly it was over. I got no attention from guys in middle school, and that's okay, because here's another thing: you have plenty of time. Focus on developing your mind and your heart and making your body healthy right now, and the rest will fall into place.

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by lilyyyyy...

okay listen. my friend had the same problem when we were younger. if you don't like your appearance, try to change it. i think you should try to lose weight. don't do ANYTHING too crazy, just try to slow down on the chips and brownies, and speed up on the fruits and veggies. but don't go crazy. your body needs some of everything. try to exercise a little. at least 30 minutes a day if you can. go for a light jog around your block. as for the ugly, everyone is beautiful, you just have to let it show! try to do your hair. if it's naturally straight, make sure you wash it good so it's never greasy. if you have curly hair, try to put mousse in it and let the curls go pretty. part your hair on the side. if you have bangs, then of course you part it to the side, but if you don't, then try to do it anyway. if you want, (you don't have to) wear a LITTLE makeup. like maybe some mascara.

don't push anything with guys. there is someone out there for everyone. i didn't kiss a boy until i was a freshman and my first boyfriend wasn't until i was 16, so relax.


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by maikoxo2...

Honey, I bet you are a beautiful person inside and out. It doesn't matter what other people think, but don't go into

a relatioship for the wrong reasons. Remember: love is respect. Having a relationship isn't everything, even if it may seem like it is. Take it from somebody who's been there, done that, and bought the T-Shirt.

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by Lila M

Dude, your in middle school. Get guys off your mind and more into your education.. NOT TO MUCH.. some people forget about life when they are really into their studies.

Leave guys for highschool or something. Pluss your young, i bet your not that fat.

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by Alyx

ok, first of all sweety, middle school "boyfriends" arent really boyfriends. youre just friends who say you are going out to seem cool. just dont try until; you get in high school. kk?

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by XxBringD...

who needs boyfriends in middle school? D:
you're too good for them anyway.

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