The Trolley Story

Wonder how lack of experience can make a certain situation worse? Of course there must be many examples that you face in your day to day life, like - Yum looking but actually only half cooked dal, white cloth turning to a multi colored cloth after washed by you etc. One such thing is shown below and though we may find it funny right now, it may have been bad for people then. But I looked at it from a little different perspective... not so serious. Dekho dekho...

So a baby car has fallen off a road and mummy trolley has come for the rescue!

And so mummy trolley starts to pull the drenched baby car..

"Oh yes baby, just a little more and you are out!"

But it seems, mummy trolley really likes the water. "Thats it! I also wanna come in that water, it looks so cool!"

They are having fun until....

The daddy trolley comes for rescue.

The baby car is out. "Ghar chalo, aaj to pitayi hogi"

"Chalo tum bhi chalo, kya bachchon jaise harkat karti ho tum bhi jaaneman"

"Par mujhe to paani achcha lag ra hai, tum bhi aa jao na, ab baby car to safe hai"

"OK honey! Here I come...." SPLASH!!



  1. Lolz.. I believe work of PhotoShop.... inne inexperienced log bhi nahi hai i guess

  2. Hahaha.. loved the captions.. :D

  3. Pata ni Subhash, mere paas to mail aaya tha. I dint do any touch ups! And B the captions are created by - Birdie the great! :P

    Keep reading,

  4. Theek hai Naa koi ni... there was a video on youtube which showed something like that but at one level only... Only Mummy Trolly tak :D

  5. looolllzzzz.......haha kya cool picss hai.....nice captions...

  6. Thanks Ashok and Napster :) Captions are original work of art - created by me! :P

    Keep Reading,


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