Selective Twitter Updates - An awesome application to link Twitter and FB

Ok so you have an account in Twitter. You also have an account on Facebook. You want both your accounts to be updated regularly but feel too lazy to visit both sites and update them one by one.

No worries! The Twitter application is here to save your time and energy. After you add this application to your FB profile, whatever you update on your Twitter gets updated on FB status message s well. Cool no? But hey! Whenever you RT something or write something on some topic with a # (hasgtag) that also gets updated on FB. You are now spamming your FB friends with your twitter updates. Thats not happening! :(

I was facing the same problem when I came across this new application on FB developed by @anddy called "Selective twitter status". The application lets you update selected updates from your twitter account to your FB profile. You can chose to update a same status msg on FB as well as twitter by just adding the hash tag - #fb anywhere on your twitter update. For example -

and this is how it gets updated on your facebook profile -

Now Isn't that really cool? I thought so!

In case you have the twitter application already added on your FB, dont forget to completely remove it from your application tab on the left bottom of your homepage.

So next time you want to RT some nice tweet or write on some trending topic, dont think about spamming your FB! Enjoy tweeting to the fullest!

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  1. good.. good.. good.. good to know that you have some nice collection... of knowledge too :-P. This will really help many people.

  2. OMG! Look who commented on my blog :)

    Thank you Omkaaraa :)

    Keep Reading!


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