I love ZooZoos

These days, Im in love with a new species on earth called ZooZoos. For all those who still dont know what they are, remember the cute characters in the latest Vodafone Campaign? Aren't they cute? Now did you guys know that they are not animated but local actors from Mumbai wearing masks and dresses? Surprised? If you dont believe me, check this out!

You can also read the interview of
Prakash Varma, ad filmmaker, Nirvana Films, who has directed the commercials, and reveals that the Zoozoos aren’t animated characters.

And guess what these cute creaters are catching up with the online world with a pace not every new character achieves! Read "
ZooZoos hijack the online world"

They have an official fan club on FaceBook and have crossed a fan list of more than 170000 people in just one month! On May 4, the keyword ‘ZooZoo’ was the third highest search word on Google.co.in and its YouTube channel is the second most subscribed channel in India.

I love ZooZoos....! Muaah!



  1. Zoozoos are simply awesome.They've made breaks in IPL, likeable!


  2. Agree! Follow them on twitter @ZooZooz.


    Ms. S


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