Men Can Fix Anything!

Okay so I always believed that females rule the house stuff. They are the ones who takes care of a broken switch, non working machine, leaking pipe etc. in the house. But all my notions were murdered when I received this mail from a friend. I mean Men can actually fix anything, just ANYTHING! Don't believe me? Have a look yourself:

Don 't have a spoon? I can fix that!

Seatbelt broken? I can fix that!

New TV too big for the old cabinet? I can fix that!

Electrical problem? I can fix that!

Car stereo stolen? I can fix that!

Bookshelf cracking under the weight? I can fix that!

Can't afford a real GPS? I can fix that!

No ice chest? I can fix that!

Can't read the ATM screen? I can fix that!

Car imported from the wrong country? I can fix that!

Satellite go out in the rain? I can fix that!

Electric stove broken & can't heat coffee? I fixed that.

Wiper motor burned out? I can fix that!

Whatever this is, I can fix that!

Display rack falling over? I can fix that!

Exhaust pipe dragging? I can fix that!

Gotta feed the baby AND do the laundry? I can fix that!

Cables falling behind the desk? I can fix that!

Thank you Bhumika for the Email :)
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  1. natural and familiar...rrllaaxxiinngg...

  2. As expected, all comments from 'Men' :P
    Thank you guys!

    Keep Reading,

  3. those all men are engineers... almost all !!! or people with lateral thinking *_*

    P.S.: I can fix this Comment !!

  4. Thank you Jigar, 'The Dreamer', Subhash and Sawan for commenting :)

    Keep reading!

  5. He he he... Great post... very much true... especially the car stearing one..

  6. they can fix any thing !


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