Google Enters Retail Market

Recently, I went to Nainital for a short weekend trip. So ofcourse I went shopping to the local market. The thing about local markets is you get some stuff that even the best of the brands can not suffice. Such is the item I got to see in the Tibbeten market, popularly known as "Flats". Here is the story:

Google Enters Retail Market

Main Brand: Google Inc.

Sub brands: Search Engine (Google devta) , Orkut (RIP), Buzz (What?), Google Docs (Yeah) , Blogspot (Yep), Gmail (jai ho!), Picasa (Wowie), YouTube (Oh yeah), AdSense (Paisa paisa), Google calendar (Hmm....), G-talk (life savior), Google Groups (Extinct) blah blah..

Search Engine giant Google is planning to get into retail market with their latest product - Google Chrome Chappals. It’s just a pilot run right now but they are sure to hit market by end of this financial year. Here is an exclusive peek-a-boo to their latest product -

I wish them best of luck in their latest endeavor. May they go under many feet.




  1. ha ha ha Shikha nice one!! :P May they go under many feet ...Did u buy one for yourself?

  2. this is like saying.. "jaa, meri jutti se pooch le!" :P

  3. hahaha....good 1 birdie !! :))

  4. Thanks Himadri and Amit and Bugger :) :)

    Keep reading!

  5. Hey Mannu here...:-)

    Hahahahah...........Nice one.... Amit Nice Line..:-)...."jaa, meri jutti se pooch le"...hahaha...


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