A love poem

Okay so everyone is talking about love, roses, hugs kisses and all that, why shouldn't I write something on something that has touched my life so much? Of course I should and I did. A small poem that was taken by web but edited customize so much its almost all new.. Read on! :)

Dear Love,

We'll think about those long past times
When we spoke till 2

Those early days and all the fun
That was had by me and you.
We'll think back on our Goa tour
The places that we went
For all the love that we exchanged
The happy times we spent.

I'll think about the times I sneezed
The tissues I destroyed
And all the little arguments
That you tried to avoid!
When you knock something over
I think about my heart
I thought it was so stable
But you took it all apart.

You're just what I had needed
For perfect gift for me
And that is why here Im writing this
for my boyfriend ji
For you have fulfilled all my dreams
The fondest of my hopes
And now my life flows easily
No longer on the ropes.

I dint wish you on phone today,
cauz I know you dont like such mushy stuff
But my day would be incomplete
without wishing my honey puff!

Happy Valentine's Day my love..

I love you :)



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