Ever Heard about "Divorce Cakes"?

I had seen lot of birthday cakes, lot of marriage cakes, anniversary cakes, farewell cakes, welcome cakes and blah blah, but I had never seen divorce cakes. Only till I received this mail from a friend...

Have a look. They look so scaring-ly yummy!

Pyar mein dil pe.. maar de goli!

Aaami Monjolika!

Baazigar 2 - The girl wins this time.

I love my job!

Jaata hai tu kahan..! Re baba!

Peeth mein chura!

Nahiiiiiiiii! Bhagwaan ke liye mujhe chod do!

Ek haseena thi.. ek deewana tha..



  1. Super cool Ms 'Devil in disguise'... i hope you won't be ordering any of these :)


  2. hehehe !!! But why in most of the cake Men are targeted

  3. Lol..Funny.. See gals celebrate after divorce and boys weep..

  4. In the last pic, atleast she is not looking like a "Haseena".. ;)

  5. Hi Shikha, i read your lots of posts, they are nice. Nice work.

  6. Hey shika,
    where have you been? its really a long time, is everything fine with you? I really love your posts and a regular reader. i miss your posts now.... so come back fast...



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